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Emergency response and crisis management

In the wake of a disaster or unexpected power outage, speed of response is essential, as these events can cause enormous loss of production and revenue. With service offices strategically located throughout North America, Eaton can deploy expert crisis management teams of engineers and technicians within hours of a disaster striking. This prompt action helps organizations return to production quickly and safely.
There when you need us
Over 1500 trained professionals in North America
Defined, tested, comprehensive recovery plans
Equipment at the ready
Ready to mobilize fully-loaded response trailers

Helping communities meet healthcare capacity requirements

The COVID-19 crisis requires unprecedented field hospitals and testing facilities. That's why we're working with the healthcare industry, contractors and consultants to deliver expertise and power management support where it matters.

We mobilize quickly for our customers

We are committed to be a valued partner to our customers. In the event of a natural disaster or man-made emergency, recovery time is critical. Our ability to mobilize quickly and respond to our customers’ needs to get back on-line safely and expeditiously is what makes Eaton unique.

Offering an experienced team

Project executives and first responders from our service group offer a wealth of experience responding to crisis situations and managing recovery efforts. Eaton and our external partners facilitate comprehensive recovery plans.

Eaton proves that floodwaters can’t stop the music at Opryland

After two days of unrelenting rainfall, the normally bustling Gaylord Opryland Hotel and Conference Center in Nashville was dark and deserted. Because of Eaton’s electrical engineering service capabilities, the Opryland powerhouse was fully operational in time for their season to begin without delay.

Guidelines for Handling Water-damaged Electrical Equipment

When electrical equipment has been exposed to water it is imperative to perform a proper evaluation and take any necessary actions prior to?reenergizing.? Review guidelines on how to handle electrical equipment that has been exposed to water through flooding, firefighting activities, hurricanes, and more.?

Extend equipment life

Eaton’s?Switchgear modernization product line offers a host of solutions for aging power systems to extend the useful life of electrical power systems. These range from reconditioning to equipment replacement and additions to existing systems that improve reliability and safety.?

    Expertise for every stage of the job

    Learn about the variety of services our expert field team offers and our safety program.

    New equipment in hours, not weeks

    We have service offices strategically located throughout North America that can quickly mobilize and coordinate the experienced personnel and equipment needed for recovery. Our satellites can deliver replacement equipment in hours—not weeks.

    Safety first

    As one of the largest and most experienced teams in the industry, Eaton strives to create a zero-incident culture through the implementation of our Safety Policy including division safety managers, layered risk assessments and a voice of the customer campaign. You can rest assured that every Eaton service professional is dedicated to continually improving our environmental health and safety performance through prevention, protection and preparation.

    Eaton’s Electrical Engineering Services and Systems

    With more than 1,500 experts in 60 locations throughout Canada and the U.S., and more around the world, Eaton’s Electrical Engineering Services and Systems team is one of the largest and most experienced service organizations in the industry.