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Hydraulic power units & heat exchangers

Built with quality components under stringent manufacturing standards, Eaton hydraulic power units and aerospace heat exchangers ensure efficient, reliable, cost-effective operation and maximum productivity.

Hydraulic power units

Engineered to customer needs with Eaton expertise featuring motor, pump, valves and electronic intelligence, Eaton power units are always ready to perform, no matter the application.

Hydraulic power units

Eaton hydraulic power units are engineered feature state-of-the-art motors, pumps, valves and electronic intelligence, with a wide range of standard and custom configuration options. Get your application up and running fast with these powerful, flexible package systems.

Hydraulic and inerting heat exchangers

We offer hydraulically driven axial flow fans and blowers, and air-cooled heat exchangers for a variety of airborne and ground vehicle applications. Blowers are typically used as inlet particle separators in helicopters. Heat exchangers are often used for cooling hydraulic fluid, and can be hydraulically or electrically driven.

Eaton at work

Our hydraulic power units and aerospace heat exchangers offer?flexible, fast, integrated solutions for almost any application.

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