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Powering the rail industry

Railways ensure that the world’s never-ending flow of goods, services and people never stops. Every stop along the way, we are helping train builders, owners and operators work toward a more sustainable future with our rail solutions.

Energizing a sustainable rail industry

All around the world, thousands of interdependent systems of railway keep goods, services and people flowing. Powering the rail industry means helping you build better and safer trains while reducing operational costs and protecting your investment. All in an effort to make riding the rails the preferred choice for travelers.

Join trusted experts and learn to manage cybersecurity risk

A world dependent on connectivity and electrification needs trusted environments. Join us for Cybersecurity Perspectives: the global forum and educational program showcasing the advanced tools and resources needed to expand your cybersecurity skillset.

Rail applications

From the rail infrastructure and the rolling stock to advanced signaling and controls, see how we make staying on track work.
increase in cornering speed
increase in cornering speed
products used in rail applications
products used in rail applications
of transport CO2 emissions
of transport CO2 emissions
  • Rail industry insights

    Learn more about how you can optimize your rail operations by exploring our knowledge center.
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